Kids Camp

LIFE-CHANGING, Character-Building Martial Arts Camp for Kids

Are you trying to keep your kids off of gadgets and social media? Are you looking for a place where they can cultivate their learning inside and outside the classroom? Do you want them to enhance their life skills in leadership, confidence, focus, respect, discipline, goal-setting, and critical thinking in a fun atmosphere?

Our Summer Martial Arts Camp is designed to make a positive impact on every child's life.

F.I.T. Kids Summer Camp program is more than just a martial arts camp and our system is a nationally recognized program. We are in the business of making sure every child will develop his or her full potential. We have unique programs that will help your kid enjoy their time with us. 

We have educational and other fun activities like dance classes, cheerleading, sports, life skills, and self defense camp. We incorporated activities for them to develop a passion for arts and crafts, dancing, nature, and much more.

Here Are The Fun Activities We Have In Store For Your Ki​ds:

We prioritize their health and well-being so they can have the perfect balance in their life.  
 today and see the incredible difference F.I.T. KIDS Camp can make in your child's life!

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Normal Weekly Tuition:  
$150 per week 

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